'Noserider' Model

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A contemporary design with its roots reaching back to the 60's. Way too modern to be considered 'retro', its robust outline and functional hips are offset with delicately knifed 50/50 rails which give it perfect release, speed and maneuverability. A conservative nose-to-tail rocker and thoughtfully foiled volume encourage smooth trim through critical sections with ultimate control on the tip. Color work is Resin Opaque with an old school comp band.

  • Hand Shaped
  • Poly Construction
  • Single Box Fin Set up
  • Nose: 19"
  • Width: 23"
  • Tail: 16"
  • *Dims will vary with length
  • Glass: 6+6 oz. top/single 6 oz. bottom (heavy glass is available)

* Please note: Center Fin is not included, can be ordered separately, we recommend our 10.0" RA 'Retro' Fin!!

Custom board lead times are 6 to 8 weeks