Endless Summer Collection Boxed Set (DVD)

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Splash back into the surf with the landmark series that shaped half a century and changed the world of surfing forever! The breakthrough film for surfing's premiere filmmaker, Bruce Brown.

3 Volume Set Includes:

The Endless Summer

The Endless Summer rides the globe in search of the perfect wave with California surfers pursuing their dream from West Africa to Tahiti.

A film by Bruce Brown, 92 min, Region 1.


The Endless Summer II

Paddle back out for the spray, speed and spills of The Endless Summer II, which picks up the adventure with a pair of surfing pros from Hawaii's Waimea to the Australian Shark's Bay.

A film by Bruce Brown, 100 min, Region 1.


The Endless Summer Revisited

Conclude your journey with The Endless Summer Revisitedfeaturing never-before-seen footage from the original classic complete with incredible footage of fifteen-foot walls of water and the further pursuit of life's greatest pleasure, the perfect wave.

A film by Dana Brown, 70 min, Region 1.