'Traveler Series' Fins by Rainbow Fin Co

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Traveler Series #13 / "Ocean Kelp"

Rainbow Fin Company introduces the new limited edition line of fins, in collaboration with Hoffman Fabrics the “Traveler Series”.

Producing a small run on special fabric from Hoffman Fabrics, these prints are handpicked for each run. Chosen in conjunction with Hoffman Fabrics, this design: "Ocean Kelp" is to inspire you to go on your next ocean adventure. This 13th panel will be assorted templates of 48 fins, each fin is numbered. 

Jerry Lopez: 7.5"Designed  by famed surfer/traveler Gerry Lopez. This upright, slightly retro design is quick turning and works excellent on a wide variety of boards.

Nomad: 9.5"The Nomad is an perfect marriage between a rake and pivot  fin.  Nice wide base for holding, rake for turnability and reduced area  on the trailing edge for glide.

Fringe: 9.5"The sweep gives you super smooth easy turning fin with just enough base area for that hold.

M. Junod Pivot-Flex: 8" / This longboard fin is a fast turning fin with lots of hold for noseriding with the classic feel of progressive performance.