Wingnut's Complete Surfing - Robert 'Wingnut' Weaver, Scott Bannerot

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From a world-class expert and one of the sport’s greatest legends comes a total guide for surfing

Surfing is a sport that anyone can pick up and enjoy with the right instruction. Yet many how-to books fail to address crucial basics such as wave dynamics, board design and performance, and strategies for paddling out through the wave breaks. Wingnut’s Complete Surfing covers all this and more, providing you with a complete guide. (2009)

1. Surfing Success: A Preview
2. Getting Started
3. Choosing the Wave
4. Learning Strategy
5. Rules of the Road
5. Safety in Surfing
6. Moving Up
7. All About Surf Boards
8. Top Spots
9. Surfing for Kids
10. Alternative Vehicles
11. Surfing by Boat
Appendix 1. Sources for Gear
Appendix 2. Further Reading
Soft Cover (259 Pages)