Boardrider Bio: Cody Craig

Boardrider Bio: Cody Craig

Cody Craig

Hometown: Cayucos

RA Boards of Choice: 'Martinson Step Deck', 'Ibu' Model, 'Ulu' Model

Cody is a prime example of a surfer who can ride anything and ride it well. Short board, long board, mid length, it doesn't matter, Cody can rip on it. Hailing from the small, funky central coast town of Cayucos, California, Cody currently resides in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina with his wife and daughter. The Craig family has a long surfing history but Cody has certainly forged his own path and made a name for himself as a skilled barrel rider in the East Coast surfing scene.



Barrel riding isn't  the only skill in his repertoire, Cody still makes plenty of time to get on his 'Martinson Step Deck' and clock in some tip time when the waves allow it. Cody's surfing career goes way back, touring Europe with the O'Neill team (including Wingnut at the time) at the young age of 16. This year he picked up a 'Surfline Wave of the Winter' award and landed a sponsorship with East Coast retail giant 'Real Watersports'. We have no doubt that Cody will continue his surfing success as one of the most impressive, and stoked, surfers we know.