Custom Order Boards

Dear Customer,

While we are currently still taking custom orders, our shapers, glass shop and airsprayer are experiencing an extreme overload in production. As noted below we are still looking at approx. 20 week completion time, but until our backlog of orders clears a new custom order may be delayed up to an additional couple of months. Our team is working hard to get caught up and continues to strive to produce high quality custom boards and we all appreciate your patience during this time! Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions regarding timeline or customization. 

**The boards in this section are custom and made to order, production time is 20+ weeks MINIMUM and customization is available. If you need a board right away, check out our 'Boards in Inventory' section!**

Board production has been a part of our lives since 1974. Understanding that your purchase is a long term investment, we strive to produce the highest quality product, utilizing our core understanding, market forward innovations, and true surfboard craftsmanship. Whether a custom or stock, each board is hand crafted from beginning to end, right here in the USA. This ensures a very personal and professionally constructed board, made to last for years of enjoyment.