Robert and Blackie August inducted into the Seal Beach Surfing Hall of Fame

Robert and Blackie August inducted into the Seal Beach Surfing Hall of Fame

Seal Beach has played a huge role in surf culture and in the sport of surfing locally as well as worldwide for decades. In an effort to honor and preserve the achievements of influential figures in the Seal Beach surf community, the Seal Beach Boardriders Club created the Seal Beach Surfing Hall of Fame. 

The weekend of April 27, marked the 2nd annual Seal Beach Surfing Hall of Fame induction in which Robert and his father Blackie were honored alongside Nancy Katin, Rich Chew, and Kurt Augsburger.

In the 40’s and 50’s Blackie was one of the top surfers on the coast and introduced surfing into Roberts life at a young age. Blackie and the rest of the August family lived in a house on the sand in Seal Beach that became known as “The Sphinx House” because of a sphinx statue placed on the roof. The house became a headquarters for many of the hottest surfers of that time, including Harry Schurch and Jack Haley, cementing Seal Beach as a surfing hotspot during that time. There are endless stories and memories that stem from this hotspot. Having all this talent in one spot proved to be essential in fostering the talent of the next generation of surfers in the area.

The exposure to surf icons and culture was not lost on Robert and he took to surfing quickly, honing his skills at his home break in front of “The Sphinx House”. He went on to leave his impact on Seal Beach as well as the rest of the surfing world as a star of Bruce Brown’s “The Endless Summer”.

The August family is honored to be included in this highly respected group of surfers.