Surfboards on Parade - Surf Art Experience kicking off at the Shorebreak Hotel Huntington Beach

We are excited to share and be a part of Surfboards on Parade program! Surfboards and Artwork combined together by 20/20 of the Worlds top Shapers and Artists. Please come on a walking tour and see the boards displayed throughout Pacific City and at the Sponsor host locations. A Fantastic organization supporting multiple causes.

Please view the website for more information.


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May 13, 2017

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Sandra "Sonnie"  Robertson-Tiberio Yinetio
Sandra "Sonnie" Robertson-Tiberio Yinetio

July 30, 2016

Robert I met you last year (10/20/15) at Huntington Beach when you & another surfer took flowers out past the breakers. The flowers were in memory of my husband of 41 years who died Oct. 8 and my best friend of 62 years (Ruth) who died 5 days (Oct. 13) after my husband..

At the time I told you I was interrsted in a standing paddle board. I live on a calm cove in Canyon Lake & think it would be great for my health & well-being.

You told me to let you know when I was ready to get in the process – well the time is right!!
Could we make a board that I could handle & that my 20 pound dog could go with me? I can walk to the cove’s beach/dock. I know you are extremely talened..

I am 5’7" woman & weigh 142 lbs.

Please let me know yourr thoughts.
Thank you for your consideration.

I am frequently in Huntington Beach, so I could meet you there.

Thanks so much,
Sonnie Robertson Tiberio
Cell: (951) 813-8868

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