Grom Dip Model

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A true Signature creation from the August boys! Great paddling shortboard or beginner board for your 'Grom'. Built short and wide for either a beginner needing great stability, or a seasoned grom, utilizing that same width for speed and flow.. Extremely light! Single to double concave bottom.  Futures quad set up, great for all wave sizes 2 ft and up!  Double 4 oz top single 6 bottom.  Best paddling shortboard on the market.  Single to double concave bottom, comes with 4 box futures set up.  Works great for all wave sizes 2ft and up ! double 4 oz top single 6 bottom

  • Poly construction
  • Future quad fin setup
  • Nose: 17.75"
  • Width: 20.25"
  • Tail: 16.75"

* Please note: Custom board lead times are 6 to 8 weeks.