9’1” ‘What I Ride’

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This slightly modified What I Ride Model has some slightly customized dimensions. A beautiful board, single fin with 3 custom dark wood stringers and a stunning layered wood tail block.

It makes sense to ride a board that maximizes your fun regardless of the conditions. "What I Ride" utilizes a 60/40 rail configuration which, in combination with a nifty tear drop concave conveniently placed under the nose, greatly enhances your nose riding. 


  • Poly Construction
  • Single Fin
  • Nose: 17"
  • Width: 22"
  • Tail: 14 1/4“
  • Thickness: 3“
  • Glass: 8 oz. Volan Cloth, 3/4 Deck Patch w/Standard Tail Patch
  • Clear
  • 3-Stringers, 1/4" Center, 1/8" sides
  • Layered Wood Tail Block
  • Sand Finish

*Center fin not included - can be purchased separately.