RA 'Saber' Model

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Our answer to high performance longboarding, the 'Saber' comes with low-egg rails that taper back to an edge at the diamond-tail. A slight rail-to-rail concave under the nose, with an overall flat bottom give this model some great turning capability to go along with solid nose riding. Works great in small to large waves and is super beach break friendly.


  • Hand Shaped
  • Poly Construction
  • Box + Futures Fin Set up
  • Nose: 18"
  • Width: 23"
  • Tail: 15" - Diamond Tail
  • *Dims will vary with length
  • Glassing: 6+6 oz. top/single 6 oz. bottom
  • Shown with 3/4 - 6 oz Deck Patch 
  • Sanded Gloss Finish

* Please note: Center Fin is not included, can be ordered separately. We recommend our 7.5" RA Center fin!!

Custom board lead times are 6 to 8 weeks