'Stained Glass' Center Fins

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Check out these beautiful 'Stained Glass' fins crafted by Rainbow Fin Company. Perfect for you longboard center fin or catching the light on your windowsill.

One of a kind fins made right here in the USA.

Fin Template Descriptions:

10.25" 'Nomad' Stained Glass w/Real Wood KnotThis is one of our favorite RFC fins that combines a rake and pivot design. The Nomad  powers on cutbacks, smooth turns and down the line surfing.

9.50" 'Fringe' Stained Glass Fin: The classic rake template with a nice full base and rake allows for easy turning and hold.

10.0" 'Pork Chop' Stained Glass Fin: For snappy, quick, and tight turns, go with the  Pork Chop and get carving. This fin also has great rail to rail response when riding the nose.